How to choose the right colour 

It’s always difficult to know which colour to choose for your room in your home. You can get inspiration from all kinds of sources. It is probably best to stick to your favourite colours, because after all you are going to be living in the room!

You could try looking in your wardrobe at the colours that you wear or looking through some photographs and choosing colours that appeal to you. 

Take a look at the furniture that you already have in your room and use them to help choose colours that go with them. 

You can choose colours that compliment the pieces of furniture or pictures, or a lighter shade that will go with those items of furniture. 

The room size is a factor to take into consideration. If it is a small room you will probably want to use lighter colours to make it appear larger and brighter and with a larger room perhaps using two shades of a colour for different sides of the room can help break it up a little. Using darker colours will make the room smaller and appear cosy and intimate.  

Colour schemes should flow when you go from room to room, keep these colours in mind when choosing and decorating each room in your home. Using a colour swatch card can help you choose colours when you’re going in to pick your paints.

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